JCBL850 Bluetooth Fingerprint Glass Door Lock


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A Powerful Lock for Office with rich features

Glass door lock using TTlock APP to control, support Phone, Code, Finger, Card, Remote to unlock. Support time rule for users, built in attendance function for office.

Easy to mange on Phone, share access to other users in one click. Built in attendence. APP availble on IOS and Android. 

For Renting project, Open box TTRenting APP to support Working staff features.

unlimit users on Code and APP eKeys.  200IC card; 120 Fingerprint.  

Code and eKey support one time type, suite for single time visit guest.

Music bell, Not need to Knok the glass.

Special design Bolt, suitable for both sliding or swing doors.

Attendance record for staffs.

Support TTlock G2 Gateway unit, allow you monitor lock status remotely.

Glass door lock Model JCBL850 is a new type of lock. It supports BLE bluetooth, comes with APP to control.

APP support 15 Languages, over160 countries and areas.  IOS/Android available, Openbox to use, not special configurations.

eKey on Cellphone APP you can share to other users on one click, eKey has 4 types, time limite, Permanent, One-time, Recurring.

1.Timed: Can set as a certain time period to use.

2.Permanent: not time limitation

3. One time, only able to use once.

4.Recurring:  Time Cycle during a week,  for example working hour 8-16, Monday to Friday.

Lock support 6 types pass words, similar to the eKey function, has timed, Permanent, one time, Recurring, and 2 types below:

Erase: use to remove all current passwords.

(Above password are random numbers generated by system)

Custom: Max150 pieces, you can order the code as you need, require to near the lock to add this kind of code.6-9digits length, able to set as timed or Permanent.

Lock Support Add IC card as user, maximum 200 pieces. IC card type can set as Permanent or timed.

Fingerprint Support 120 pieces, can set as permanent or timed.

Lock Adminstrator available to share to other TTlock users.

Bluetooth VersionBluetooth V4.1 BLE
Cellphone RequirementAndroid4.3/IOS7.0 or higher
Power Requirement4 Pieces Alkaline Dry Batteries
Low Voltage Alarm<4.8V
Emergency Power Supply ConnectorMicro USB
Stnadby Current65uA
Working Rate CurrentMaximum 200mA
Unlock time≈1.5 seconds
Operating Temperature-20~70°C
Keypad typeCapacitive touch number key
APP Generate PasswordsUnrestricted
Custom modified type passwords150
Card typeISO14443 Type A ,13.56Mhz IC card (Mifare Classic/ FM11RF08)
IC card Capacity200 pieces
Motor interface output VoltagePower Supply Voltage reduced by 0.3V
Fingerprint sensorSemiconductor Fingerprint Sensor
Fingerprint capacity120 pieces
False alarm rate(FAR)<0.001%
False rejection rate(FRR)<1.0%

Unit included:

Lock *1 set , Screw *1 bag, IC card *2 pieces

Size 26*13*17cm, weight 1.8kg.

JCBL850 Bluetooth Glass Door Lock Bolt and Knob

The Lock Comes with Special Type of Bolt, support from Swing to Sliding doors, Frameless to Framed Doors.

JCBL850 Bluetooth Door lock Suitable for Frame and Frameless Door Type
JCBL850 Bluetooth Glass Door Lock Bell function and USB connect ports for power supply

The Lock also hoses a bell , as the glass doors not suitable for knoking, with the bluetooth glass door lock JCBL850, do not need traditional door bells.

The Lock do not comes with a Mechanical keyhole.If battery power use up, we give our newest design for new powering mehod. With a USB power bank, you can let the lock back to life with no time 

* USB port for emergency power supply only, not able to charge the Alkaline batteries, please replace the battery once open.

JCBL8850 Glass door lock detail size

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