JCBL701 Office Smart Bluetooth Access Reader

1, This door access reader support to unlock by password, IC cards and TTlock app;

2, IP66 waterproof grade;

3, Aluminum alloy material

4, Normally work with electric lock, magnetic lock, bolt lock for glass door and gate door;

5, Powered by 12V power supply

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TTlock app remotely unlock via Bluetooth

TTLock is a global provider of solutions for smart locks. There are more than 25 languages in it. Suitable for apartments and hotels.
The TTlock app can remotely unlock door via bluetooth, the distance is within 10m. 
With the wifi gateway, the lock can connect to Internet via wifi. Then TTlock app can remotely unlock via wifi. No distance limited.
With the gateway, the lock can connect to alexa and google home.
You can send the ekey to another TTlock account to unlock the door.
You can add the remote controller on the TTlock app. the remote controller is about 10m. 
 The lock has Passage mode, then it will keep open status;
The lock has attendance setting, you can use it to record the Company attendance;

Door Access System


Material:Aluminum frame/ Tempered glass panel
Unlock way:Password, IC card, TTlock app
Card type:13.56mhz mifare card
Card capacity:2000pcs
Password capacity:no limited
Communication:Bluetooth 4.1
Waterproof level:IP66
Power supply:12V
Standby current:12mA
Operating current:1A

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