4 Steps To Choose the Right Lock System for a Hotel

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Smart Hotel Lock System Runs on LAN

As a hotel, or a retailer providing service to the hotel, some times we will face a question from the hotel owner, over these hotel lock systems, which one would be better for us?

Here we  will show you how to choose hotel lock system in a few minutes, to Make a quick choice in 4 stpes.


1. How many Receptionist will serve the guest at the same time?

The first step to define which system you will need to pick which system is suitable for the hotel is to check how many front desk will be serving to the guest at the same moment.

For a small size hotel, they normally only have one front desk computer to serve the guest, different receptionist will long on to the same pc to work. in that case , a standalone system will be enough.

But for the hotels that have over 2 front desk computer to serve the guest at the same time, when it comes to this point,   standalone software will be not suitable anymore, we must consider that, when receptionist A cut a key for room eg 101, the other receptionist B must be able to know from his endpoint that that room is no longer available for new guest, and if Recptionist A is busy handling other guest, Receptionist B would be able to assist the guest in 101 to check out. In this case, the the receptionist will need to link to one same database, and collaborate on the same system.

So if more than 2 receptionist serving at the same time,  a SQL , or LAN, even Cloud solution wold need to bring into consideration.

2. Key service type for the guest

It is a long history of lock and key. In the pass, key is one small solid metal piece people can carry around. But now,  key is no longer only a metal stick. We can use RFID contactless Card, A pin code, or even fingerprint/face as key.

For hotel usage, RFID card normally a classic unlocking method. A RFID card is light weight, easy to carry, and not able to be copy even lost it; hotel even able to get it design according to hotel VI and give away to the guest as souvenir, to improve guest inpression.

Pin Code, on the other hand, Easy to hand key to guest, do not need to hand key face to face, guest can get in at any time without front desk checkin, able to get it instantly, even in advance.

Fingprint, is another method to unlock more secure compare to pin code and card, each guest are carrying a unique key without remembering the code or carrying the key card. 

Face recognition is a much more advanced guest key type, Compare to RFID key and pin code, it is never lost; compare to fingerprint, it is more easier to operate.

Over all, All locking systems having the classic RFID card feature, but if you want some advance unlocking key type, a LAN or cloud system will need to  take into consideration

3. Data stroge Location and Network Condition

Currently, for a network based system, there normally have different type we can choose to build. 

For  a lot of network service type like website, Cloud service is alway considered a good and easy way. By using the cloud solution, the hotel do not need to consider about anything, simply use the service online. Currently TThotel is fully run on the cloud, open box solution for the hotel, hotel only need to deploy locks and encoder, the system will be good to go.

Another service type, on the other hand, is more triditional, it is called self-hosted, or On-premise, which means the lock system is privide to the hotel, but the hardware that runing it, will be owned by the hotel directly and normally deploy in the hotel.  The hotel has the data and server inside, which will get better connection condition and, the hotel will be more confident with data secure.  HTlock system is a on-premise hotel lock system that you can deploy on your own server, and providing both windows and Linux software, the hotel can pick the server type freely if not going to order the server hardware from the lock factory.


4. Integration Request to PMS

Key system is just part of the hotel management system, the hotel will also use a lot of other softwares to run and provide service to the guest. For example, they will link to the booking website and app to provide online booking to the guest, and hotel also use a finance system to handle both payment online and post system, plus the cash , etc. Most of the system will link into a system called Property Management System, known as PMS, to manage everything in one place. 

The hotel lock systems all have ability to be controled by the PMS to issue card for the guest, not need to open the key card system to make manually. But different system will have different methods.According to the software engineer experience, You must talk with the them to choose one to make the work smooth.

The stand alone software elock, provides a dynamic lib file(.dll) that runs on windows for integration. And the ability to integrate with Opera by FIAS.

The LAN system HTLock, provide pure web API to integrate; additionally, with more powerful features provide if use MQTT protocal. All integration will be done by LAN connection.

TThotel provide API plus a dynamic lib(.dll) file for issuing guest card, the API need to connect to the API server on the cloud hosted by ttlock.


  1. If the hotel only one receptionist end point, no complex feature require, the standalone alone version is a low cost and easy to set up solution to choose.
  2. If hotel just need RFID card, with very few receptionist (2-3), and the lock not need to check remotely from central, the eLock system with SQL 2012 will be a low cost option too.
  3. If the hotel want an open-box system that runs on cloud, and always have good connection to Internet, tthotel is one good choose. 
  4. If hotel willing to pay extra cost to keep the data on site, and take the advantage of a fast speed by local network, HTlock system would be good solution.
  5. If the hotel want fingerprint, face unlock method to provide the guest a highend service, HTlock would be a good solution.

Comparision of the hotel lock system softwares

Features ComparisioneLockHTlockTThotel
DatabaseHardrive or SQL2012MYSQLCloud
Backend serverNo BackendWindows/LinuxTTlock Cloud
Front desk softwareWindows softwareWeb BrowserWindows Software
Data Storage LocationLocal PC/Local SQL serverLocal LAN serverTTlock Cloud
Encoder ConnectionUSB EncoderLAN Encoder RJ45USB Encoder
IntegrationDynamic Lib (.dll)API / MQTTAPI+Dynamic Lib(.dll)
Lock Wireless typeNONEBLE, optional 433MhzBLE, Optional NB-IOT
Unlock MethodIC cardRFID, Pin Code, Fingerprint, Face, APPRFID, Pin Code, APP, OEM can assign with fingerprint