TTHotel Cloud hotel Lock System

A Fully Cloud hosted, Open-box to use hotel lock system.

Fully Cloud

The System is hosted on TTHotel Cloud, accessable from all over the world at anywhere.

APP available

Besides the classic RFID unlock method, guest can use APP on phone to unlock freely.

Staff PC Program

Obtain the Full power from X86/64 system, for the staff use the PC software to work more efficiently.


Easy Integration by Web API and Windows dynamic lib, quick and easy to go.

TThotel System diagram

Cloud Based for Easy Access

TTHotel is a system that runs on cloud.

All hotels do not need to deploy any server, simply connect to internet to use the software.

Since the system is cloud based, you can access from anywhere, thus it is possible that, the lock deploy in one city, but the real eastate staff can access from another city, and the marketing staff check the selling status on the third city.

Cloud based system also make it possible to hand key over air to the guest, not needing to hand over key / card manually. A pin code or APP access right can be sent to guest phone remotely.

Easy to use APP , RFID and Pin Code unlocking features available

Guest APP

Guest can use APP to obtain electronic Key to unlock the door easily on their phone


RFID Card, is an advanced contactless unlocking function, the guest can tap the card to the reader area of the lock, do not need to insert and turn like a key.

Pin Code

Optional to choose locks with a keypad, hotel can send code to the guest to use on the lock, the code will be able to set a valid period.

Staff Windows & Android Program to manage quickly

Native Windows Program

On the Windows program TTHotel , hotel staffs able to view all room status on one big screen, do checkin quickly with keyboard and mouse, work in one place with other daily programs on one pc.

Setup APP

Android APP to Set locks up Easy and quick.