Smart glass door lock are locks that designed for glass doors.

Glass doors, Main material is made by glass, depending on the door and wall design, it is with a frame or without a frame to wrap the glass. the glass are easy to allow lights go through, thus it is very suitable for gates for opening to the street for the store, hotel and mall, also to device space for office, will give the inner office better lighting, ald a very good looking.

The main material of glass making this kind of door are very different from normal doors, they can not install mortise locks. Usually, the traditional construion company are lacking experience to install locks for this door, they either simply install a very simple mechanical lock, or even not install a lock, just put a padlock to lock the handles. 

But, you can link this kind of door to mordern locking style, by upgrading the lock to our smart glass locks.  No drilling need to be done on the glass surface.