GW05 BLE+433Mhz Dualband Gateway for LAN Hotel Lock System

  • RJ45 Network interface
  • Bluetooth connection to lock
  • Retailer Authority control
  • Manual link to suite complex network status
  • 12V power, optional to be power over ethernet(POE) with extra device
  • 433Mhz Long distance connection to lock
  • Support more devices:
    • Fingerprint issue to lock
    • Face issue to lock
    • Access control unit uplink

GW05 is an Advanced Gateway for LAN Hotel Lock System Between the 2 Options we provide:

Bluetooth + 433Mhz Dual Band

The device is powered by 12V, Bluetooth and 433Mhz Dual band support a wide range of devices.

GW03 Bluetooth Gateway
Bluetooth Only model

Click the image to view the Gw03 model with only Bluetooth.

LAN hotel lock system diagram

GW05 to serve RFID/Finger/Face locks, Access controls, Elevator controls.

433Mhz Long Range Network

The gateway unit has a 433Mhz antenna, it has a longer coverage thant BLE, allow the gateway to uplink more locks.

Issue Fingerprint Authority Over the Air

With this gateway, it will be possible to the hotel/school to correct fingerprint in front desk office, then the user / guest can directly go to the lock to use the fingerprint to unlock.

Issue Face Authority Over the Air

The guest/user show the face to the camera on the font desk/office, then able to go to the door to unlock.

Bluetooth Support

Besides 433Mhz, the gateway also have Bluetooth feature support, to link to the Bluetooth Only Locks, this will allow to deploy a mix network with both type of locks support, lower the budget request for the system.

12V DC Power Supply Request

12V power supply makes it more easy to get power, AC to DC power adapter is a standard device can be easier to get everywhere. With a extra PoE to 12V converter this device even be able to switch to PoE, to lower the cabling deployment.

RJ45 Network Interface

100 Mbps RJ45 Ethernet uplink, build a stable and fast connection to the main server, the font desk can check all linked locks power state, unlock records at anytime.

2.4Ghz WiFi Support

In condition that not easy to deploy the CAT cable for LAN, 2.4G WiFi network interface will allow to build connection.

A standard package including the Gateway Main unit, 2.4Ghz Antenna for WIFI/BLE, Long Cable Sub-1G antenna for 433Mhz connection, AC-DC 12V power adapter(US AC Socket)

For power supply requirement pease contact our Sales team to supply specially if need:

  • PoE 48V-12V power Convertor
  • AC-DC Adapter with UK/EU/AU socket plug
GW05 Dualband Gateway for LAN Hotel Lock System Packing details

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