JCW201 Simple Digital Locker Lock

1. JCW201 Simple Digital Locker Lock is made of aluminum alloy material.
2. Password unlock;
3. Users: 1 admin password + 1pcs user password
3, Two working mode: 2) private mode, 2) public mode.
Freely to change the mode on lock.
4. The cabinet door will be auto bounced when unlock.
5. Card in silicone wristband– fully waterproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, heat-resistant.
6. Password protection: you can input any number before or after the right password.
7. System protection: input wrong password/ card over 5 times, the lock keypad will be locked for 1 minute.
8. External power interface

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1, Lock reader: it is made of aluminum alloy frame and arcylic panel. It contains digital keypad, antenna and external power supply. 

2, Lock mortise: The mortise is made of plastic. It contains lock chip, battery box and reset button. 

3, Latch clasp: When close the door, the metal bolt will be pushed inside. When read the card to unlock, the metal bolt will auto push out. Then the locker door will be automatically ejected. 

Working mode:

1, Single unlock way: 

    The lock only support password. 

2, Private working mode and Public working mode.

    Private working mode: the locker keep closed. Need input password to unlock. This is the widely-used working mode. Need to set the password into lock in advance by admin password. 

    Public working mode: the locker keep open. When input any password, it is closed. Then read the same password to unlock it. It is the one-time temporary password. 

Why choose the Digital locker lock?

1, One of the main benefits of digital locker locks is their convenience. Users can easily gain access to their lockers simply by tapping their card on the lock, without the need for keys or combinations. This makes them ideal for public spaces where many people need to access lockers quickly and efficiently.

2, In addition to their convenience, the card locker locks are also very secure. The RF card technology used in these locks provides authentication mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access. The microchip on the card contains a unique identifier that is used to verify the card’s authenticity, and the encryption ensures that the communication between the card and the lock cannot be intercepted or manipulated.

3, The lock support password protection, you can input any number before or after the right code.

4, The system protection: if input the wrong password or card over 5 times, the lock will be auto locked for 1 minute. 

Due to the convenience, security, and flexibility, many boss choose a modern and reliable alternative to traditional locker locks and can help improve the overall user experience in public spaces.

Product nameDigital Locker lock
Front lock case materialAluminum alloy
Back mortise materialPlastic
Unlock wayPassword
Private mode:
Password digits4-10 digits
Password users1pcs admin password,
1pcs user password
Public mode:
Password1pcs admin password,
1pcs temporary password.
Power supply4pcs AA batteries
External power interfaceYes
Static power consumption<40μA
Dynamic power consumptionabout 300mA
Working temperature -0~70℃
Working humidity80%
Battery lifeOpen door for 2000 times
Warranty3 years

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