Mini Server for LAN Hotel Lock System

4 X Core



2 pieces of 1G high speed Ethernet interface

WIFI interface

Pre-install LAN hotel lock system HTLock

Able to serve over 4000 Locks

Mini Server is the central control unit of the HTlock LAN hotel lock system.

The Mini server hosts the Data of the Smart hotel lock system, runs the back-end Application to serve all the hotel staffs.

Staffs access the system simply by a modern web-browser, from any platform, no matter it is windows, Linux, IOS, or Android, etc. It can either be a Computer, or a touch tablet. No APP need to install on the staff’s end-point.

All devices with network ability will link to the Mini server by LAN network, other device like door locks, access control, elevator control will get connection to a gateway then connect to the Mini server. With this network built up, the system able to upload their status to the server in real time, allow the hotel staff to check the system running status.

The Mini server will be hosted on the hotel site within the LAN network, this will provides a stable connection, to server the hotel staff and guest in a stable condition, and keeps the guest data within control of the hotel itself, without any needs to concern about data security.

All Mini servers supplied by us will come with the HTlock system deployed, ordering this mini server, the hotel do not need to download the package and spend a long time to deploy the server software, simply set up the network, then all good to go. The hotel will save the cost and time to hire a software expert to handle the Linux installation and software deployment.

The Server comes with ability to power up automatically after regain power if the power grid has suddenly down time.Comparing to the options to use a normal computer to run the LAN hotel lock system, this will provide a more stable service.

The system includes 2 units of RJ45 port, able to suite into more complex networks or get one extra back up option of network connection, and one extra WIFI interface, provides the ability to connect to a wireless network when the deployment point not easy to add LAN cable connection.

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