What is An Intelligent Power Saving Switch,4 Points to know

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Intelligent power saving switch (Special Room Card Power saving switch)is a MUST have device for Modern hotels!

1. What is a power saving switch? And How dose it work?

Power saving switch is a device that deploy in a hotel guest room, to cut the power while the guest going out, preventing the electronic device to work while nobody inside room. This will provide 2 advantage:

  1. Save the electronic power, it is always good to have the power bill down.
  2. Lower the chance of having fire or other safety issue. Wildfire caused by thunder is consider the first fire source that humankind obtain from the world. Electronic device might cause fire if work long time without human checking.

The power saving switch require the guest to put his room card into its card slot, then it will start to supply power to the room. When the guest going outside the room, will take the card out from the switch, in about 15 seconds, the switch will cut all the power to the room.

The power Saving switch normally work under AC power 220V, Current limitation is 40A, which are well capable for running 1 air conditioner and lights, TV and water boiler.

Intelligent Power Saving Switch with RJ45 Port

2. What is a normal power saving switch

As we have said before, the switch require the guest to put his room card into its card slot. How does it know that there is a guest card put into the slot?

The Switch has RFID antenna built inside, once the card put into the slot, the antenna will be able to detect a card was exist, the switch will control its built in relay to contact state, the power will be able to get through the switch into the room, when the in room devices’ switch also switch close, the electronic gets into a circuit route, the electronic devices will start to work.

So as we can see, the antenna defines what card type the switch able to detect, it must be the same frequency of the guest card to work, So when ordering the Normal switch, make sure you order the same type:

ID(EM/TK4100)/T57 Locks order T57 Switches.

M1 13.56Mhz Locks (M1 eLock /HTLOCK/TTHOTEL) order  M1 Switches.

The switch do not have a chip built in, thus it can only detect a card, but not able to read card information, so any card using same chip can get power, If you want only the room card to get power , you will need the Intelligent power saving switch we will talk about later; or on the opposite, you just want it to be detect any card no matter it is T57 or M1, you will need another type “Any Card Power Saving Switch”, we will talk about it on another time or contact our sales for it.

Also thanks to it do not have a chip, it has more space and easier to customize, including able to order a 60A Version on a bulk order.

3. What is Intelligent Power saving Switch ?

Intelligent Power saving switch, also known as Customized power saving switch, has smart card reader chip inside, works similar to the door locks. Once a card put inside the switch, it will start to read the IC card information, checking the assign room number, departure time for the guest. And compare to its room number and clock settings, if the the room number is correct and the clock not reaching the departure time, it will switch the relay to contact to supply power to the room; if not match, it will reject to supply power. While working, when the inserted card departure time is pass, the switch will cut power in the next minute. Since it reads the room card information, it is also called customized room card power saving switch.

Additionally, the switch will also able to read the staff cards like master card, building card etc, and supply power for them. Most will limit the staff card to get power for only 30 minutes, to prevent the staff sell the room himself.

Other features like online status monitoring, remotely cutting are available for intelligent power saving switch of the LAN/Web system.

4. The Intelligent Power saving Switch Types We Provide

Unlike the normal switch, choosing an intelligent power saving switch (customized room card power saving switch) is much more simpler: Just order the same one with your lock system, it will not work for any other locking system.

This switch works for the RFID Hotel Lock system only, the system works standalone on windows computer, or links to a MS SQL server to serve multiple reception points, providing a flex solution to hotels.

With the power full on-promise hotel lock system, Intelligent power saving switch of this system have powerful features.

Intelligent Power Saving Switch with RJ45 Port
LAN hotel lock system diagram

This switch Work with the RFID card only from TThotel system, enable power for the guest card or APP.