BLE Handset for LAN Hotel Lock System

The BLE handset is a device to set the LAN Hotel Lock and devices quickly.
Quickly Configure the Locks
LAN BLE Handset Configure a door lock

With the BLE handset,  The engineer will be able to Install the door lock quickly.

By Opening up the Engineer APP on Android, select a room from the list,  the APP will link to the BLE handset, once connection and handset ready, tag the handset head to the lock reader, the room will be install and automatically update to the server. 

This allow the Engineer to deploy the locks very quickly, without this ble handset, the engineer need to issue installation card for every lock and can not mix up the cards.

Intelligent Power Saving Switch with RJ45 Port
LAN BLE Handset Configure Intelligent Power Saving Switch

Just Like configure the door locks, configuration of the Intelligent Power Saving Switch  also require installation card, but with this BLE Handset, you will be able to quickly install the switch too, just with the APP and handset.

If the Main server and Encoder is with issue or power grid is down, the Engineer still able to make card to unlock the door for emergency purpose.

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