LAN Hotel Lock System Encoder with RJ45 Ethernet Port

RJ45 Ethernet Interface

Power by DC adaptor

LAN based system

Serves LAN Hotel Lock System


LAN Encoder Interface and Indicator

System Diagram

LAN hotel lock system diagram


Server the hotel staffs to make /read all the cards

Hotel staff can use this encoder to

  • Make set-up cards to configure and check door locks.
  • Make guest cards to unlock the door.
  • Staff cards that unlock the a wide range of rooms by one single card.
  • Read card information, show the card type and unlock authority.

Besides Standard RFID card model, the LAN Hotel Lock System  Encoder also have Fingerprint version available to order,  to support issue fingerprint on the font desk and use on the fingerprint locks in room. This feature is useful for projects like school, apartments. Requires the GW05 Gateway and fingerprint lock model to work.

The device connect via Ethernet interface, standard RJ45 connector. Data will be transmit all over LAN network to the server control.

Since the encoder is not connect to the staff’s end point by usb, it allows the device easily change a user by software, no matter is shift change, or other usage request. The control of one encoder can change to anther use by one click, no need to do hardware pull and plug.

The Lan hotel lock system encoder use stand alone 12V DC to power up, there will be no limitation on how to supply the power to the unit. Compare to the USB type encoders, it does not require any driver, or get issue with the USB 0.5A current limitation. For users using 110V power, they can also easy to power up since the 12V power adapter is widely used.

LAN Hotel Lock System with CAT5 cable and Adapter

With the powerful API integration, you can use this encoder as a standard encoder too, to make cards for other system like other type of access control, it will get you the ability to allow the guest use one card on different place. ISO 14443  is standard of 13.56Mhz IC card, also know as M1.

LAN Hotel Lock System Encoder will work with these devices

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